Communications Director | Full-time  | Salaried

About This Role
The primary responsibility of the Communications Director is to lead in the creation and implementation of materials, systems, and strategies for all church communication. The broad scope includes announcements, social media, video production, web presence, print materials, external and internal promotions, and more. The Communications Director also coordinates  the planning, implementing, and evaluating of the church’s communications efforts as a way to relate the church’s mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
Primary Responsibilities and Tasks of the Communications Director
  • Collaborate with the Leadership Team to identify priorities and determine direction for communication efforts based on the church’s yearly calendar, goals, and initiatives. 
  • Lead in social media and web presence strategy development and implementation and assist with producing digital content. 
  • Collaborate across various ministry areas to create communication plans, produce communication materials and content, and support event promotion and other needs. 
  • Identify and capture compelling personal stories from within the church and integrate the communication of those stories. 
  • Establish standards and guidelines for the development and use of the More Life Church brand.
  • Create a strategy for the timing and nature of information to be communicated and share the strategy with staff. 
  • Ensure high-quality and high-impact communication is created for internal and external audiences. 
  • Recruit, train, lead, and develop coordinators, assistants, and volunteers to help implement  communication strategies. 
  • Provide innovative consultation on the best communication practices. 
  • Oversee the design, development, and production of printed and digital materials/media including weekly bulletins, brochures, posters, signs, social media, weekend service slides, etc. 
  • Provide quality control checks for communication produced by all ministry departments. 
  • Perform regular comb-throughs of the church website for outdated/inaccurate information, broken links, etc.
  • Collaborate with ministry directors to update and maintain accurate website information.
  • Coordinate all communication items with the Production Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant to ensure consistent messaging across weekly bulletins, the website, emails, and slides.  
  • Compose copy and provide edits for all communication to ensure an accurate presentation of all graphic/editorial work and adherence to  More Life Church style guide. 
  • Coordinate a timely and accurate print production process with outside vendors. 
  • Ensure weekend service audio/video/graphics are produced, and in place.
Strengths & Skillset
  • Exhibit a strong commitment to the Christian faith and making disciples of Jesus Christ. 
  • Leader, big-picture planner, ministry partner, coach and motivator. 
  • Able to exercise discernment and wise judgement. 
  • Strong attention to detail and an eye for excellence. 
  • Possesses creative problem-solving abilities and strong administrative skills. 
  • Able to think strategically to capture the vision of ministry leaders when developing  ministry communication elements.
Personal Responsibilities
While not specifically related to the job, here are some personal responsibilities of everyone on staff at  More Life Church.
  • Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, your children third  and the ministry fourth. 
  • Give at least 10% of your income toward the mission and vision of More Life Church. 
  • Be loyal to the vision and staff of More Life and always protect the unity of the church. 
  • Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude through all interactions with congregation, staff, and volunteers. 
  • Invite the lost to know Jesus and come to More Life Church.
Your Schedule
This is a full-time, salaried position around 40-45 hours a week. You may travel 5-10 nights per year for retreats or conferences.