What can I expect?

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a brand new program we are calling Connect. This is a great opportunity for you to gather with other believers to build new relationships and grow together. We will kick off each night with a moment of worship then dismiss you to participate in one of a variety of small group classes we will be offering this semester.

This semester will run for 6 weeks starting Wednesday, Oct. 12th through Wednesday, Nov. 16th. Doors open at 5:30 and Connect will run from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM. There is intentional time built in for you to build relationships with others so make sure to come when the doors open and stay until the end!

What about my kids?

We are offering something for all ages and that includes your kids. Students from grades 6-12 will be participating in the class titled "Churches That Heal" in this class they will learn God's way to process and overcome mental and emotional issues.
Child care for children from nursery to 5th grade will be available for a $5 fee each week, per child and pre-registration is required. This will allow us to plan for class sizes and activities, as well as cover a portion of the child care cost for the evening.


Wednesdays | Oct. 12th - Nov. 16th

Register for the class of your choosing to save your seat!

-spiritual and emotional health-
Churches That Heal

Through "Churches That Heal", you will learn about the processes for healing that God outlines in Scripture and be given practical solutions for meeting the needs of those who are struggling with mental and emotional issues.

-New to christ-
The five habits of spiritual growth

Through "The Five habits of Spiritual Growth", Pastor Josh outlines the top foundational habits that every believer must establish to build a strong and growing relationship with the Lord. 

-financial freedom-
I Was Broke. Now I'm Not.

Through "I Was Broke. Now I'm Not." you will learn the  fundamental principles of personal finance. Topics include: planning for the future, budgeting, debt management and elimination, investing, compound interest, retirement, and insurance. It also includes a step-by-step process for financial decision making.

-new to more life church-
Growth Steps Live

Through "Growth Steps", you will learn more about our church, what we believe and how we operate. In addition you will have the opportunity to walk through a self discovery process to see how God has uniquely wired you to make a difference in the church and the world around you.

-women's ministry-
Women sharing wisdom

Through "Women Sharing Wisdom", you will receive insight from grandmothers, mothers, and wives as they share the lessons they have learned in the journey of their lives. Grow together as you become the women God designed you to be.