Production Coordinator | Part-Time | Hourly

About This Role
The primary responsibility of the Production Coordinator is to provide technical expertise and team leadership for the church’s  sound, media, video, and stage lighting. This role is also responsible for audio/video technical and creative  development, production, and training related to the live production audio/visual needs of More Life Church. The Production Coordinator ensures that the worship and A/V ministries continue to grow in effectiveness and quality of excellence in alignment with the church’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives. 
Primary Responsibilities and Tasks of the Production Coordinator
  • Provide excellence in front-of-house operations for all weekend services and training to improve the sound mixing skills of current volunteers; overseeing all technical systems related to live Sunday services, including sound reinforcement, video projection, lighting, and cameras.
  • Partner with worship team staff members to develop plans and strategies for ongoing A/V improvements. 
  • Establish standards of A/V operation and quality and oversee the meeting and improvement of the standards. 
  • Build and lead a team of A/V and production volunteers. 
  • Assist in planning, organizing, and implementing the best uses of media technology in worship. 
  • Oversee and implement A/V aspects for weekend services and events, ensuring high quality and limiting distractions.  
  • Purchase and maintain A/V equipment; maintain records of media technology issues and repairs.
  • Develop and prepare all weekend service slides in ProPresenting including Lead Pastor’s sermon slides for congregational presentation.
  • Record video and audio worship services for the online broadcast of weekend services. 
  • Perform other various tasks as assigned.
Strengths & Skillset
  • A growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • Possesses a servant’s heart and a strong passion to support the ministry of More Life Church.
  • Skilled in creating and mixing quality sound in large venues. 
  • Comfortable and proficient in working with a variety of audio, video, media, and lighting equipment.
  • Strong communication and leadership skills. . 
  • Proficient in Final Cut Pro, ProPresenter, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. 
  • Able to work in a rapidly changing environment with multiple priorities.
Personal Responsibilities
While not specifically related to the job, here are some personal responsibilities of everyone on staff at  More Life Church.
  • Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, your children third  and the ministry fourth. 
  • Give at least 10% of your income toward the mission and vision of More Life Church. 
  • Be loyal to the vision and staff of More Life and always protect the unity of the church. 
  • Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude through all interactions with congregation, staff, and volunteers. 
  • Invite the lost to know Jesus and come to More Life Church.
Your Schedule
This is a part-time, salaried position around 15-20 hours a week with Sunday being one of the work days.