Three Things To Serve You

pastor josh pennington | March 17, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions have forced More Life Church into a situation where we are not able to gather together for worship, BUT we are still moving forward. We, as a staff, are actively and creatively working through three priorities to serve our church and the entire community.

1. Spiritual Care
We are actively engaged in daily prayer for you and your family. I have been overwhelmed by the number of you saying you are praying for me. Here is an example of a prayer that was sent to me by a ten-year-old:

"I pray that pastor Josh has a good message for us on Sunday. Please don't let the internet go down on him ever again."

A million thanks to you for the ALL prayers. I certainly need them. You're awesome!!

Send us a prayer request today.

2. Relational Connectivity
We will continue using our social media platform, our website, our email contacts, and our official App to send you information/announcements, spiritual edification, give you the opportunity to submit prayer requests, deliver uplifting bible-based messages, bible reading plans, and access to our "Pray First" prayer guide.

Our service from March 15, which was online only, has been viewed nearly 7,000 times at this time. This is a massive viewership for us for one weekend! If you haven't watched "When Crisis Comes Calling" you can watch it now.
Here are some things you can do to stay 'connected':
  1. Download our App; it's free!
  2. Follow us on Facebook
  3. Like, Comment and Share our social media posts. You never know who will be reached.
I would like to see our social media users increase our connectivity, especially by sharing any uplifting content we post.

Our next service will be Sunday, March 22, 2020, and this is online ONLY. You can view this on our App, our website, or on Facebook Live

3. Financial Security
Services may be canceled, but budgets aren't canceled, God's power is NOT canceled. He is still your source and mine! I am asking you to help us continue the mission of More Life Church and beyond through your tithes and offerings.

I believe we are a healthy church, and this is a chance for us to prove it. This is the time when the enemy wants us to back down and quit, but I don't have any quit in me. This is the time to keep moving forward, and I believe God is at work to transform and revitalize this region with the gospel.

I am asking for you to stay the course on our "God is my source challenge" by continuing the Tithe Test.
Click here to learn more and watch this message. 
This is the perfect time to test Him in our finances. Angie and I have not and will not back off of our tithes and offerings to this church. We are asking you to do the same.

I am the LORD All-Powerful, and I challenge you to put me to the test.  Bring the entire ten percent into the storehouse, so there will be food in my house. Then I  will open the windows of heaven and flood you with blessing after blessing. | Malachi 3:10
  1. Recognize God as your source by bringing 10% of your income into God’s house.
  2. Realize that where your treasure is, your heart is also.
  3. Record in a tithe test journal what you observe and experience as God proves himself faithful to you.
Here are four ways to give:
  • Visit
  • Through the giving tab in our App
  • Text any amount to 84321
  • Send a check to 1718 East Main Street, Newark, Ohio  
Please be on the lookout for additional communication from me as things change and develop.